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Short film of Howling Wire

Howling Wire from Dan Fox on Vimeo.



LUX for National Trust launches at Cragside House, Rothbury.

10 June - 2 November 2014 

I have created two pieces 


Filharmonic is a sound and light installation of three lampshades hanging in the gallery of the house which was historically Armstrong's first electrical laboratory. The lampshades emit a score of crackling electricity and plasma bursts interspersed with pops of bright light. 

FILHARMONIC from Dan Fox on Vimeo.

 using carbon filament lightbulbs 

Harmonica Botanica is an experiment in itself. A bronze metal dome from a steel stand whilst underneath a pot plant waits. As visitors approach they hear an evolving score of  music boxes and deep gongs. Electrodes clipped to the leaves and roots of the plant pick up signals from the rising sap, so we experience the unique event of hearing a plant growing. 

HARMONICA BOTANICA from Dan Fox on Vimeo.


Oxford Contemporary Music's summer  2013 commission brings 7 of the UK's most exciting sound artists together to create a landscape of wind-driven instruments and installations.

Work by Max Eastley, Mark Anderson, Jony Easterby, Kathy Hinde, Dan Fox, Nathaniel Mann and Mike Blow together in Audible Forces.

Co-commissioned by Brighton Festival and Without Walls, Audible Forces received its world premiere at Brighton Festival.

Audible Forces is an intricate landscape of musical installations powered by the wind. Intriguing kinetic, sonic creations produce other-worldly sounds as nature's unseen force breathes life into them.whi

For Audible Forces Dan Fox has created "Howling Wire," made from recycled military and orchestral hardware it is a twelve metre high elecro-acoustic wind harp with weathervane whistlers and sirens elemental.

Audible Forces from OCM on Vimeo.


Audible Forces Premiere at Brighton Festival May 2013



Audible Forces will tour to Appetite Festival in Stoke 29-31 August 2014.

Produced by OCM and Oxford Brookes University Sonic Art Research Unit.

Co-commissioned by Brighton Festival and Without Walls.



This summer we are making Boom Bike II. For SpareParts festival in Fleetwood, 20 July 2014. We will wirelessly link the two Boom Bikes and create a pop-up pedal powered bandstand.

We  will be returning to Festival Number 6 at Port Meirion this year with our unique Boom Bike sound system.


Boom Bike Festival No. 6 from Dan Fox on Vimeo.



Dan Fox









Director of Sound Intervention Ltd  established in 2008.

Previously I have worked with  Welfare State International, Dogtroep, Walk The Plank, The Sage Gateshead, Fact, Folly, Cornerhouse, Lanternhouse, Curious Minds. Now More MusicDreamtime Film, Rag and Bone, B-Arts, Whitewood and Fleming, Northumberland Lights, Macnas, The Electric Forest Lakes Alive, , Blaze , Dead Good Guides , Hannah Fox and Fort van de Verbeelding.

I currently play cajon and trombone with The Balkanics Band, bass drum with Tongues of Fire, trombone, melodeon, bellophone and vocals with Salt and tuba with the Boom Bike Band

New website coming soon.